Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Come and party like you've never partied before in Panama. For more information visit our website.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Party,Fun, Girls in Catagena

Party in Catagena with lovely latin girls, dance to the music and drink all night.

Come to Party in Catagena

Catagena is the place to come and party. The girls are gorgeous the locals are friendly, and much fun is to be had by all! Pleny of latin music, dancing and drinking.

Catagena, Music, Drinking & Partying

party in bocas del toro, get drunk and have fun!

Music, Dancing and Drinking in Catagena

We had lots of fun iln Catagena. We loved the latin music, dancing and drinking. The girls were awesome!

Going to Wild Party in Catagena

We had some wild times partying in Catagena. The girls are gorgeous and we danced, drank and had the time of our lives.

Party All Night in Catagena

Party all night in Catagena, and listen to music, dance, get drunk and have fun!